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Migrating from Server or Data Center to Cloud?

Interested in the migration paths of bitvoodoo apps? Please consult the App Migration Center.

Paid Apps

Advanced Panelboxes for Confluence - Server/DC - Cloud

Let your users choose from predefined panel boxes matching your corporate identity.

Advanced Search for Confluence

Create custom-made search boxes tailored exactly to your needs. Filter the search with checkboxes & metadata.

Chat for Confluence

Built-in Confluence chat for real-time collaboration among team members.

Confidential Fields with Data Residency for Confluence

Set permissions per field and define where data is stored fo fulfill regulatiory requirements.

Content Scheduler for Confluence

Have your blog post published automatically, even when you're not at your desk.

Custom Field Option Synchroniser

Synchronise custom field options with any database and display in all issue screens in JIRA or Service Desk.

Enterprise Theme for Confluence

Extend your Confluence with attractive designs, useful macros and supporting features.

External Links for Confluence

Open attachments and external links in a new tab.

Navitabs - Tabs for Confluence - Server/DC - Cloud

Create a simple navigation between Confluence pages.

Redirect for Confluence

Redirect different user groups to customised homepages to provide relevant and specific information for each user group.

Templates for Blog Posts for Confluence

Use Confluence templates for blogs! Create blog posts as easy as never before.

Translations for Confluence (formerly Language Macros) - Server/DC - Cloud

Create content & titles in different languages on the same Confluence page.

Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence  - Server/DC - Cloud

Track page views, comments, likes, etc. in your Confluence.

Free and Labs Apps

Congrats for Confluence

Display special occasions of your Confluence users.

Label Fixer

Label Fixer makes it possible again to create content including a label, by specifying a label parameter in the URI.

Label Scheduler for Confluence

Schedule labels for pages, blogposts and attachments. Configure when the label should be attached or removed.

Macro Documentation for Confluence

Generate the documentation of plugin macros automatically.

SBB Widgets for Confluence

Look up SBB CFF FFS timetables and stationboards from within Confluence.

Viewtracker Supplier

Suppliers provide information which can be used by the Reporting app.

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Documentation DOC