What does Mailtrap.io do?

In the most basic configuration, Mailtrap offers a central inbox which gathers emails sent via its service. Emails sent via the SMTP servers of Mailtrap are not relayed to the appropriate email-servers on the internet but instead stored in a central inbox where they can be browsed. You may choose any address for sender and recipient. Thus, every email will be displayed exactly the way it would have been sent, including the header which contains the sender and recipient fields and the body which includes the formatting / markup and content.

Setup & Usage

1) Create an account on https://mailtrap.io/register/signup and log in

2) Remove Demo-Inbox

by clicking the outer right icon on the corresponding row and then on Delete

3) Create your first inbox

enter a suitable name for the Inbox and click Create Inbox

4) Retrieve account information

by clicking on your newly created inbox

You will be presented with all the necessary credentials to configure your service.

5) Configure your app/service (e.g. Confluence) to use Mailtrap

use the information from the SMTP Settings tab in your inbox

6) Retrieve email in your inbox

As soon as your application starts sending emails using the Mailtrap service, every email will be visible in your inbox

Additional information