In Confluence, you can define only one global homepage. The Homepage Redirect add-on takes it one step further: Administrators can assign unique homepages to several individual user groups. As soon as user access Confluence they get redirected to a homepage that was set up for their user group.

As destination of the redirect you can define a page, a blogpost or a space homepage. If the defined page has a pre-defined design the page is displayed exactly in that way. This makes the Homepage Redirect add-on most valuable to all customers with tailored Confluence color schemes and/or third-party skins and themes.


The Homepage Redirect add-on works great in combination with our Enterprise Theme Add-on.

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Use Case

Typical applications:



Manage redirects

To manage redirects:

  1. Choose the cog icon , at top right of the screen, then choose General configuration.
  2. Select Homepage Redirect under Configuration in the left-hand panel.

In the Homepage Redirect administration you have the following possibilities:


The first matching group is used to redirect the user.

Create redirects

Click the Add Redirect button to add a new redirect, which brings up the following dialog:


The group or groups you would like to redirect.


The destination of the redirect. This can be a page, a blogpost or a space homepage.


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