Next to the Confluence web-section locations, the Enterprise has multiple own locations.

The Buttons in the page navigation are managed by two web-section :

  • bv.content.button.left: used to place the fullwidth, favouriteand watch/unwatch buttons
  • system.content.button: Used to place the create button (introduced in confluence 5)

This allows to modify the page navigation. If you want you can now use the old Add dropdown menu instead of the create button (Documentation). 

Starting with version 5.2.7 there are more web sections which are placed after each Enterprise Theme section:


Adding a new button in this web-section is quite easy. You can add your own button with a standard confluence web-item, documented in the confluence documentation.

<!-- confluence 5.0 create button -->
<web-item key="create" name="UI: Create Content Button" section="bv.content.button" weight="10">
    <label key=""/>
    <link linkId="createPageLinkTemplate">/pages/createpage-choosetemplate.action?spaceKey=$generalUtil.urlEncode($helper.spaceKey)&amp;newSpaceKey=$generalUtil.urlEncode($helper.spaceKey)</link>
    <condition class="">
        <param name="minVersion">5.0</param>