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Remove Attachments of Scheduled Blog PostOliver Sträßer14. Jun. 2017
Scheduled Content is never published automatically, manually publishing worksUnknown User ( Jun. 2017
Use the Communardo Metadata Add-on with the Enterprise Theme News MacrosOliver Sträßer24. Apr. 2017
EULA for bitvoodoo add-onsTim Bieri11. Apr. 2017
Define what picture of a blog post will be used on the dashboardMartin Wulff08. Mar. 2017
Define the thumbnail for the Blog Post & Pages MacroOliver Sträßer08. Mar. 2017
Use the Seibert Navigation Menu Editor with the Enterprise ThemeStefanie Fischer14. Feb. 2017
Use the Communardo User Profiles Add-on with the Enterprise Theme News MacrosOliver Sträßer12. Jan. 2017
Create personalized newsOliver Sträßer12. Jan. 2017
Filter news by metadata (like location, category)Oliver Sträßer17. Nov. 2016
Create a custom design for the Enterprise ThemeOliver Sträßer19. Jul. 2016
Fix the Support Space PermissionsOliver Sträßer10. Mar. 2016
Add a news/blog post to the news list ("Blog post & pages" macro)Martin Wulff27. Jan. 2016
Define what text of a page or a blog post appears on the dashboardMartin Wulff27. Jan. 2016
Create a centered designOliver Sträßer22. Jul. 2014
Change the name of the space manager boxOliver Sträßer22. Jul. 2014
Insert a create buttonOliver Sträßer18. Jul. 2014
Create a dashboard using the Global Dashboard blueprintOliver Sträßer18. Jul. 2014
Add a news to the news slider ("Top stories slider" macro)Martin Wulff17. Jul. 2014
Creating a blog post with predefined contentMartin Wulff24. Jun. 2014
Add Page Dropdown instead Create buttonOliver Sträßer04. Jul. 2013

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