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Enterprise Theme for Confluence BVTHEME


  • Enabling the Enterprise ThemeHow to enable the Enterprise Theme.
  • DesignsHow to enable an Enterprise Theme design.
  • MenusHow to configure menus for the header and the footer.
  • Page Alias How to set up a page alias as an alternative address (URL) to a page or blog post.
  • Landing PagesHow to set a page as a landing page.
  • SectionsHow to customize sections of the Enterprise Theme.
  • DashboardsCreate and manage your dashboards within the Enterprise Theme.
  • Import/Export Theme Configuration
  • Advanced SettingsHow to configure the advanced settings of the Enterprise Theme.
  • Space ManagersHow to set a space manager that will be displayed in the Space Manager box.
  • Header LogoHow to set a header logo that is displayed at the top of Confluence and links to the dashboard.
  • ColorsHow the different colors are used in the Enterprise Theme or in the default Confluence setup.
  • Header ImagesHow to set a header image.

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Enterprise Theme for Confluence BVTHEME