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If you migrate your Viewtracker data from Server/DC to your Atlassian Cloud instance, there are several points you should be aware of.

  • Some Server/DC macros are incompatible with Cloud.
  • The tracked Viewtracker data (views, viewers) will soon be migrated automatically by Atlassian's Migration Assistant.

This document explains the differences and the steps you need to undertake to migrate data.


Some macros from the Server version are not compatible with Cloud. 

To prevent you from getting the error "Unknown macro", we have marked the incompatible macros as hidden in our Cloud version. These macros don't have any output in Cloud.

MacroCurrent state

Viewtracker Macro

Not needed anymore because auto-tracking is enabled.
Viewtracker Report MacroNot needed anymore, because of the content statistics dialogue
Space Analytics MacroNot implemented yet, will be coming in a future release.
Recently Viewed MacroRetired in our Cloud version. We introduced the Popular Content Macro instead.
Page Analytics MacroNot implemented yet, will be coming in a future release.


In the Cloud version, we removed the legacy Viewtracker Macro and implemented auto-tracking per default. So to start tracking views, you don't need to do anything.

Data Migration

Can I migrate my Viewtracker data?

Yes, you can, but it cannot be done automatically just yet, caused by a bug from the Atlassian Migration assistant.

Migrating the tracked data from Server to the Cloud requires several mappings. For example, the id of the page is different, and the key of the user differs. Viewtracker is using these two elements for tracking, so we need to change the Server data to Cloud data.

Automatic migration

bitvoodoo implemented an automated migration path that customers can execute on their own. It is part of  Atlassian's Migration Assistant. It couldn't be released yet because of bugs on Atlassian's side:

Manual migration

Viewtracker Server can create an export of all data as a CSV file. Using that export, bitvoodoo can migrate the data to your existing Cloud instance. Please contact us for details.

The requirements for successful data import are the following:

  • The space names don't change.
  • The page titles don't change.
  • The email addresses of the users don't change. 

If users can't be found in the Cloud, their views will be imported as anonymous. 

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Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence Cloud VTCLOUD