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If you face an issue during the data migration after upgrading Viewtracler to 4.0.0 or newer, from an old version, please follow these steps: 

Solution 1: Manually start the migration again

  1. Activate detailed logging of the Viewtracker App
  2. Go to the Viewtracker plugin configuration page (<Confluence-baseURL>/admin/plugins/viewtracker/datamigration.action) - you should now see a warning message in the Legacy Data Migration section
  3. Restart the migration job by clicking on the "Start Migration" button

Solution 2: Hard Migration Restart

To let the upgrade task run by automation, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall the Viewtracker app
  2. Stop your Confluence
  3. Remove the Viewtracker build number with the following SQL:

    DELETE FROM BANDANA WHERE BANDANAKEY = 'ch.bitvoodoo.confluence.plugins.viewtracker:build';
    DELETE FROM BANDANA WHERE BANDANAKEY LIKE 'ch.bitvoodoo.confluence.plugins.viewtracker.visits_migration%';
  4. Start Confluence again
  5. Activate detailed logging of the Viewtracker App
  6. Install the latest Viewtracker app from the Atlassian Marketplace

Now the upgrade task will start automatically again.

If you still face an issue

Please open a Support Request with us, and attach the following informations:

  • A Support Zip of your Confluence
  • A screenshot of the Data Migration Tab in the Viewtracker Administration 
  • Your Viewtracker license SEN-Number