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Normale JIRA Add-ons benötigen weiterhin eine Lizenz, die so gross ist, wie die der grössten JIRA-Applikation (üblicherweise “JIRA Core”).

BSP 1: Kunde hat JIRA Core für 250 User, JIRA Software für 25 User -> Custom Field Option Synchronizer Lizenz muss für 250 User gelten.

BSP 2: "If a customer has more than 1 JIRA platform product, then any JIRA add-ons have to meet the highest tier of the 3 to be compatible. For instance, if the customer had JIRA Service Desk 15 Agents, JIRA Software 100 users, and JIRA Core 50 users, then the JIRA add-ons would have to match the highest of the JIRA platform tiers, which in that case would be 100."

BSP 3: "Say a client has a JIRA Core 50 user and a JIRA Software 50 user license, and all of these users are unique (so a total of 100 unique users), the client still only needs a 50 user license for add-ons although 100 people are using them."


(question)   Frage 10: Muss ein bestehender JIRA-Kunde mit ehem. JIRA & Agile bzw. nur JIRA bei einem Up-/Downgrade des Usertiers mit gleichzeitigem Wechsel zu JIRA Software bzw. JIRA Core gleichzeitig auch ein Update auf JIRA 7 durchführen?

Die neuen Lizenzen sind abwärtskompatibel gemäss License Compatibility Matrix:

Your JIRA Software license will work with both JIRA and JIRA Agile. (In other words, you can paste the JIRA Software license into the license box for JIRA Agile if needed).


(question)  Frage 11: Ich besitze JIRA 6. Kann ich jetzt noch eine Lizenz für JIRA Agile kaufen, wenn ich sie noch nicht besitze?

Nein. Das JIRA Agile Add-on wurde in JIRA Software integriert. Sie müssen ihr System auf JIRA Software (JIRA 7) updaten, um diese Funktionalität zu erhalten. Die JIRA 6 Lizenz reicht dazu aus:


(question)  Frage 12: We currently use JIRA + JIRA Agile. The JIRA license expires dec 1st, but the Agile license is still valid until august. How will this be handled when I upgrade, as at that point we still have 9 month worth of Agile that we already paid. Can I assume that this will be deducted from the price of my renewal?

As your JIRA Agile licenses expire after your JIRA licenses, Atlassian will provide credit for your unused Agile maintenance to be applied toward your renewal to JIRA Software.


(question)  Frage 13: Are there any JIRA features that are no longer available in JIRA Core?

JIRA Software is a dedicated offering for software development teams and contains the following JIRA features:

  • Development tools integration panel (released in JIRA 6.3)
  • Releases tab (from JIRA 6.4)
    • JIRA Core will still have all the existing Versions functionality
  • Automatic issue transitions (from JIRA 6.3)
  • Builds, Source, and Reviews project tabs
  • Software development project templates
  • Roadmap gadget
  • Roadmap project tab

Since JIRA Core is intended for non-technical business teams, these features are not available in JIRA Core and require JIRA Software to be installed and licensed on your server. If you have both JIRA Core and JIRA Software, these features (with the exception of gadgets) will be available in Software projects, but not Business projects.


(question)  Frage 14: How can I renew my JIRA 6 license to JIRA Core, and not JIRA Software?

Atlassian will give you a one-time discount on your new JIRA Core license. This way you will pay the same price as you would to renew your existing JIRA license. Please contact us for details.



Alle Informationen zu JIRA 7 finden Sie auch in der JIRA 7 Migration Hub von Atlassian: