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In Confluence, you can define only one global homepage. The Homepage Redirect add-on takes it one step further: Administrators can assign unique homepages to several individual user groups. As soon as a user accesses Confluence he or she gets access Confluence they get redirected to the homepage according to his or her own user group. The page displayed matches the pre-defined design settings of that Confluence homepagea homepage that was set up for their user group.

As destination of the redirect you can define a page, a blogpost or a space homepage. If the defined page has a pre-defined design the page is displayed exactly in that way. This makes the Homepage Redirect add-on most valuable to all customers with tailored Confluence color schemes and/or third-party skins and themes.


The Homepage Redirect add-on works great in combination with our Enterprise Theme Add-on.


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  1. Choose the cog icon , at top right of the screen, then choose General configuration.
  2. Select Homepage Redirect under Configuration in the left-hand panel.

In the Hompage Homepage Redirect administration you have the following possibilities:

  • Add a new redirect by clicking the Add Redirect button
  • Edit properties like group and the redirect destination
  • Delete a redirect
  •  Reorder the redirects by dragging and dropping elements


titleWhich redirect is used if the user has multiple groups?

The order of the redirects is the same order the membership of the user is checked - the first matching group is used to redirect the user.


Click the Add Redirect button to add a new redirect, which brings up the following dialog:


The group name to define the users group, which you or groups you would like to redirect.


The destination of the redirect. This can be a page, a blogpost or a space hompagehomepage.


Homepage Redirect for Confluence BVREDIRECT