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This page tells you how to configure the advanced settings of the Enterprise Theme and describes their possibilities.


The Advanced Settings allow you to further customize the behaviour of the Enterprise Theme, next to designs or menus.



On this page:

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Use site logo in header
  • If enabled, the site logo is used in the header in every space and is an active link to the dashboard.

  • If disabled, and a space logo is defined, the current space's logo is used and is linked to the homepage of the current space.

Visit the page Header Logo to find more information about the header logo and its behaviour.

Show link to people directory for anonymous usersIf enabled, the people directory link is shown for anonymous users too.
Show language selector

If enabled, the language selector in the top right corner of the menu is displayed.


Show minimize buttons of panelboxespanel boxes

If enabled, the min/max buttons of titled panelboxes panel boxes are displayed.

Minimize commentsIf enabled, the comment box is minimized by default, as long as there are no comments on the page.
Minimize labelsIf enabled, the label box is minimized by default.
Minimize attachments

If enabled, the attachment box is minimized by default.


Enterprise Theme for Confluence BVTHEME