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Comment: 2 million views max, link to general documentation


Please refer to our main documentation for the Migration Assistant for general instructions on how to migrate bitvoodoo apps.

The following information is specific for the app "Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence" by bitvoodoo.

If you migrate your Viewtracker data from Server/DC to your Atlassian Cloud instance, there are several points you should be aware of.


To prevent you from getting the error "Unknown macro", we have marked the incompatible macros as "hidden" in our Cloud version. These macros don't have any output in Cloud.


Migrating the tracked data from Server to the Cloud requires several mappings. For example, the id of the page is different, and the key of the user differs. Viewtracker is using these two elements for tracking, so we need to change the Server data to Cloud data.


bitvoodoo implemented an automated migration path that customers can execute on their own. It is part of Atlassian's Migration Assistant.

Manual migration

Viewtracker Server can create an export of all data as a CSV file. Using that export, bitvoodoo can migrate the data to your existing Cloud instance. Please contact us for details.

The requirements for successful data import are the following:

  • The space names don't change.
  • The page titles don't change.
  • The email addresses of the users don't change. 

If users can't be found in the Cloud, their views will be imported as anonymous. The process is explained in this document.


A maximum of 2 million Viewtracker views can be migrated in one go. If you have accumulated more than 2 million views, you need to split the migration into various batches.

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Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence Cloud VTCLOUD