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The Navitabs Cloud app provides a straightforward solution which allows users to navigate between pages.

  1. It generates horizontal or vertical navigation tabs that look just like the tabs in Confluence.
  2. It allows for the formation of content inside tabs.

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Generate tab navigation based on the children of the defined page.


Macro editorPreview in Confluence EditorChildtabs on published page

Macro editor with settings

Preview in Editor

Childtabs on published page





This is a required field


Root page

The page whose child pages you want to display as tabs. Leave blank for the current page.


Vertical orientation
Display the tabs vertically or horizontally.boolean(error)false
Enable to reverse the sort order.boolean(error)false
Left truncation
The number of characters to truncate from the left of every

Tab Height

The height that is used for all

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Generate tab navigation based on pages with a defined label.

In this example, the pages "Jira Macros" and "Confluence Macros" and their content is displayed as two tabs. Both pages contain the label "doc".

Legacy macro

In the new Editor for Confluence Cloud, the Localtab Macro (Deprecated) is no longer supported. It is therefore hidden in the new version of the Navitabs app. Please use the Tab Macro instead.

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This macro was formerly called "Localtab-Group Macro".

Wrapper macro. Generates tab navigation with the individual Tab macros that are inserted.

To see Tab Group and Tab macros in use, please go to the Tab Macro documentation.

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This macro was formerly called "Localtab (New Editor) Macro".

Macro to format content in tabs. Must be used within a Tab Group macro.

How to use Tab Group and Tabs macros

  1. Add a Tab Group macro to a page.
  2. Make sure the cursor is inside the Tab group macro and add a Tab (used within a Tab Group macro) macro.
  3. Give your tab a name and hit "Save".
  4. Add your content below the Tab macro.
  5. To add another tab, make sure the cursor is below the content you have just written. Add another Tab macro and add the new content below.
  6. Save the content when you are done.
  7. The resulting tabs look like this:
  8. If you want a vertical tab navigation instead, edit the Tab Group macro and activate the field "Vertical orientation".

Here's a video showing the steps.

The macros in the video still carry the old names "Localtab New Editor" and "Localtab-Group". They are now called "Tab" and "Tab Group".

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This macro is a new Navitabs feature since February 2021. We are collecting feedback on your user experience with this Beta feature.

Organise a page's content in different tabs using only this macro with its own editor.

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Navitabs - Tabs for Confluence Cloud NTCLOUD