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Thanks for your interest in our Sequence Diagram plugin! We are sorry to inform you that the development of this plugin has been discontinued. Please use the free add-on Confluence PlantUML Plugin for creating sequence diagrams. Existing customers will still get support during their maintenance period.



With the Sequence Diagram Plugin you can create diagrams on Confluence pages easily.

You can create better and more meaningful specifications and documentations. With just a few lines of sequence definition you can create vector UML diagrams. Optionally the live editor let's you see changes you make in the definition instantly in the resulting diagram.

Squencediagram Macro

Plugin not found


Diagramm as panel with title

Andrew->China: Says Hello
Note right of China: China thinks\nabout it
China-->Andrew: How are you?
Andrew->>China: I am good thanks!

Diagram without title and with the theme "hand"

Title: Here is a title
A->B: Normal line
B-->C: Dashed line
C->>D: Open arrow
D-->>A: Dashed open arrow

Diagram without title and panel deactivated

Note left of A: Note to the\n left of A
Note right of A: Note to the\n right of A
Note over A: Note over A

Just another example

participant C
participant B
participant A
Note right of A: By listing the participants\n you can change their order


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