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Content Scheduler

Have your blog post published automatically, even when you're not at your desk.

Enterprise Theme

Extend your Confluence with attractive designs, useful macros and supporting features.

Homepage Redirect

Redirect different user groups to customised homepages to provide relevant and specific information for each user group

Custom Field Option Synchroniser

Synchronise custom field options with any database and display in all issue screens, no matter whether in JIRA or Service Desk

External Link Plugin

Open attachments and external links in a new tab.

Language Plugin

Have the same content in different languages on the same Confluence page.

Macro Documentation

Generate the documentation of plugin macros automatically.

Navitabs Plugin

An easy way to achive a simple navigation between Confluence pages.

Panelbox Plugin

Let your users choose from predefined panelboxes matching your corporate identity.

Registration Plugin

Register bitvoodoo ag add-ons

SBB Plugin

Look up SBB CFF FFS timetables and stationboards from within Confluence.

Sequence Diagram

Use sequence diagrams to create better and more meaningful specifications and documentations.

Viewtracker Plugin

The simplest way to track page views in Confluence.

Congrats Add-on

Display the occasions of your Confluence users.

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