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With great pleasure, we announce the release 6.0.0 of the Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence.


Advanced CQL Filter

Introducing CQL (Confluence Query Language) to the Global and Space Report makes filtering even more powerful: Filter the reports by labels, authors, parent pages and many more attributes to get even deeper insights into your content performance.

You can find all details in the documentation of the Global Report.

Performance improvements

Caching of reports

You can now toggle whether Viewtracker data should be cached in the Viewtracker settings. Enabling this setting improves Confluence performance on sites with a lot of traffic. Viewtracker will cache the page statistics for 10 minutes when the setting is active.

Report Performance

If you have a big Confluence instance, we have optimized some of the reports for you behind the scenes. You will notice the Global and Space report will now be faster.

New Admin Experience called "Analytics Cockpit"

  • In Confluence Administration and Space Administration, you can now access your Viewtracker data via the menu "Analytics Cockpit".

    Confluence AdministrationSpace Administration

  • There is now a direct link to the Analytics Cockpit in the Confluence Administration menu:
  • We have visually improved the Analytics Cockpit to make Viewtracker reports and settings easier to use. If you have installed Viewtracker and Attachment Tracking, you can now configure everything in one place.

Updates and fixes in this release

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Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence BVVIEWTRACKER