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We are excited to bring you a new feature-packed release of Viewtracker!


Jira Service Desk Integration

If you have connected your Jira Service Desk Portal to Confluence, you might be wondering - how useful is my knowledge base to visitors of the Service Desk Portal? Do people use the knowledge base directly in Confluence or do they search for help using the Jira Portal?

Now Viewtracker can help you answer those questions. When a user visits a Confluence page via the Portal, Viewtracker tracks the visit and you can later filter on the source.

See Edit and Create Events

Viewtracker will now display Edit and Create events alongside the Views. This might give you a better understanding of how updates to pages and blog posts affect the visitor traffic in Confluence.

Exclude Pages from Tracking

With version 5.6.0 we introduce a new parameter that can prevent page visits from being tracked - ?tracking=false. Simply add it at the end of page links.


We have automatically added this to all page links from the administration interface. So when you click on page links to see their individual content report, your visit will not be tracked.

Updates and fixes in this release

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Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence BVVIEWTRACKER