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Feature requests

We have a lot of ideas we could add to the reports. But we need you to decide what we should add. Contact us. (smile)

Built in reporting

The Viewtracker app comes with built in global- and space specific reporting.

With the reporting you can:

  • filter by spaces, devices and content type
  • take a look into different time ranges and how your content performed over time
  • compare spaces based on their views
  • determine the most and least viewed content in your instance

Global Report

The global report contains all tracked data of your confluence instance.

Space Report

Space administrators can access the report in the Space Administration containing views only from the specific space.

Do you miss something?

Choose between these three options if you did not found what you were looking for in the reports: 

  1. Build your own custom space report explained in Viewtracker Reports with Reporting Plugin and in How can I use Viewtracker with SQL plugins.
  2. Use our Viewtracker - REST Reporting API to build your own report in a tool of your choice.
  3. Contact us - maybe we love your idea and will implement it in a future release. (thumbs up)