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Tracking views from Linchpin Mobile

Starting with Viewtracker 5.4.0, it is possible to track view coming from the Linchpin Mobile App.
Views made from Linchpin can can be filtered in the Global or Space Report by clicking in the box "Filter by source" and selecting "Linchpin App".

What is Linchpin Mobile?

Linchpin mobile is a mobile app by Atlassian Partner //SEIBERT/MEDIA for accessing Confluence Server on your mobile devices.
Learn more about Linchpin Mobile on

How to enable or disable it?

Administrators can toggle the tracking settings under General configuration > Viewtracker > Settings

Please note:

The option for Linchpin App is only visible if Linchpin Mobile is installed in Confluence.

Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence BVVIEWTRACKER