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About this guide

This page and its children pages will help you administrate Viewtracker. It contains all available settings and technical references.

As a Confluence Administrator, you can also access the Global Report.


With Confluence Administrator permission, you can define various Viewtracker settings, for example blocking time, Auto Tracking and more.

You can find the configuration of Viewtracker under  → General configuration → Viewtracker → Settings


Auto Tracking

DesktopTracks all visits of all Confluence pages and blog posts with no need to put the Viewtracker macro on pages.
Mobile WebTracks visits made from mobile web browsers.
Confluence AppTracks visits made from the Confluence mobile app.
Jira Service DeskTracks visits made from Jira Service Desk Portals knowledge base feature.
Linchpin AppOnly visible if Linchpin Mobile is installed. Tracks visits made from the Linchpin mobile app.
Excluded from trackingAnonymous

Prevents tracking anonymous views. If your Confluence has anonymous access enabled, and you'd like to exclude visitors without a login, you need to activate this setting.

UsersIf enabled, you can define a user group whose members are excluded from tracking (i.e. administrators, bots or technical users).
General SettingsAccess Global ReportIf enabled, you can define a non-administrator user group whose members have access to the global report.
View CounterIf activated, the total of tracked views is shown on top of each page. The view count also opens the statistics for the page upon click.
Custom ReportsIf enabled, you can define a custom space report of your own with the ServiceRocket Confluence Reporting Plugin or SQL plugins. You can read more about this in Viewtracker Reports with Reporting for Confluence and How can I use Viewtracker with SQL plugins.
Blocking timeThe blocking time (in ms) defines the time period in which the Viewtracker macro doesn’t track multiple views per user for the same page. A view will be saved once the blocking time is over.

Data Privacy

→ See  Data Privacy for the settings available regarding extended data privacy.