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Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence Cloud VTCLOUD
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You need to be a space administrator to access this report.

  1. Navigate to the space you want to see the report for.
  2. In the space configuration (left), click on "Space Statistics":

Voila - the report will appear, separated into the following sections:

  • Graph of the views in the current space. The default period is the last 30 days. Click on the Start or End date to change the time period.
  • Top Viewers: Users who have viewed many pages and blog posts on the current space. Click on their icons to learn more about them.
  • Top Contents: A list of the pages and blog posts with most views. The number of visits is displayed on the right. Click on any title to see the content of the page.
  • Statistics: A comparison of all views of the current space vs. the type of content (page or blog post). You can also use the filter in the graph to only display page or blog post views.

If you'd like to compare the statistics of various spaces, you need to use the Global Statistics.

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Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence Cloud VTCLOUD