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Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence Cloud VTCLOUD
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As a Confluence administrator, you have access to Viewtracker's Global Statistics. You may also change the Viewtracker's settings.

Global Statistics

How to access the Global Statistics

  1. Click on the cog icon.

  2. Under the heading "Viewtracker", select "Global Statistics".
  3. Behold your fancy Global Statistics! They are very similar to the Space Statistics.

Filter the Statistics

You can filter the Global Statistics:

  • By space name: Simply type the space name(s) into the input field.
  • By content type: Click to filter for pages or blog posts only.
  • By date range: Click on "Last 30 days" and pick a different date range.

Compare Spaces

  1. In the section "Top Spaces", click on "Compare".
  2. Select spaces by clicking on the box next to them. You may also add spaces via the search box.
  3. The selected spaces will be compared in the graph.
  4. Placing the cursor anywhere on the graph will give you more details on the specific date.

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Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence Cloud VTCLOUD