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As a Confluence administrator, you have access to Viewtracker's Global Report. You may also change the Viewtracker's settings.

Global Report

How to access the Global Report

  1. Click on the cog icon.

  2. Under the heading "Viewtracker", select "Global Report".
    Alternatively, go to "Apps" in the Confluence header and select "Viewtracker - Global Report".

  3. The statistics of your entire Confluence site will appear.

Global Content Report (Default)

You can filter the report right below the title "Global Report". All statistics will adapt to the filter automatically.

  • By space name: Simply type the space name(s) into the input field.
  • By content type: Click to filter for pages or blog posts only.

  • By date range: Click on "Last 30 days" and pick a different date range.

Compare Spaces

  1. In the section "Top Spaces", select "Compare".

  2. Select spaces by clicking on the box next to them. You may also add spaces via the search box.

  3. The selected spaces will be compared in the graph.

  4. Placing the cursor anywhere on the graph will give you more details on the specific date.

Global Attachments Report

Select the menu "Attachments" on the left to access the Global Attachments Report. It will give you the following data:

  • A graph of the attachment views in the entire Confluence site. The default period is the last 30 days. Click on the date picker to change the time period.
  • Column "File name": The file names and file types (icon) of the most popular attachments.
  • Column "Space": The space on which the attachments are located.
  • Column "Views": The number of views or downloads of each attachment.

You may also use the search field to search for specific attachments.

Attachment Settings

As a Confluence Administrator, you can decide which file types (Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, Gliffy, Images, etc.) you would like to track. You may want to track very specific file types only to keep the Report "clean". 

  1. In the Attachment Report, click on "Settings".
  2. You are presented with a list of file types that are currently tracked.
  3. Click on the list to add or remove file types. The changes will be saved automatically.

  4. The Attachment Report will now show the file types you have selected, starting today.

Note: Existing attachment views (collected before the settings were changed) will remain in the database and will not be deleted. They might show up in the Report.

Global Search Report

The Search Report helps uncover important keywords, missing content and popular searches in your intranet.

The Search Report consists of

  • a graph showing the overall number of searches over the selected timeframe (default: last 30 days)
  • a table listing
    • search terms: what your users inserted into the search field.
    • number of results: how many results Confluence found for that particular search term.
    • number of searches: how often users carried out this particular search.

Search Settings

Click on the "Settings" button on the Search Report. Here, you can specify

  • the minimum length of a search term
  • if numbers in searches should be included or ignored.

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Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence Cloud VTCLOUD