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Due to the way macros work in Confluence Cloud, there are limitations when nesting other macros in Childtabs and Tabs (previously Localtabs).
We tested most Confluence system macros and list the results here. Confluence emoticons are impacted as well.

A possible improvement is being sought by Atlassian

 If you are using the new Confluence editor, please use the Tab Macro or try Tabs (Beta) Macro.

More info will be added. If you run into issues using a third party macro, do not hesitate to contact us via the bitvoodoo Support Portal.

MacroDoes it work?Description of Limitation
Anchor(minus)Because of limitations in how Cloud macros are rendered, this is not working in Cloud.
Background Color(tick)
Change History(tick)
Chart(error)Nothing is rendered
Children Display(tick)
Code Block(error)

Text is not fully formatted. It's shown in one line.

Cloud macros are rendered in iFrames and the Code Block macro isn't adding the needed resources to the frame so that the formatting is broken currently.

Column(minus)Works rudimentarily, but using Sections and Columns inside Tabs is not recommended.
(error)Does not find content.
Content by user(tick)
Content report table(error)Does not find content.
Contributors(error)Does not find contributors.
Contributors Summary(tick)
Create from Template(error)Doesn't finish loading.
Create Space Button(error)

Doesn't work.

Cannot GET /static/macros/localtab-group/$%7Breq.contextPath%7D/spaces/createspace-start.action
Emoticons (error)Emoticons and symbols like (smile) (sad) (warning) do not display.
Excerpt include(tick)
Fancy Bullets(tick)
Favourite Pages(error)Does not find favourites.
Gallery(minus)Images not clickable.
Global Reports(minus)Icons not found. Links are provided.
Include Page(tick)

List view works in some instances, single issues do not display.

Jira Gadgets(error)Nothing is rendered
Labels List(tick)
Live Search(error)The search field is rendered but the search cannot be executed.
Lorem Ipsum(tick)
Navigation Map(tick)
Network(minus)Searching users does not work when following users result is displayed.
No format(error)Nothing is rendered.
Page Index(tick)
Page Tree(error)Not loading
Page Tree Search(minus)The search field is rendered, the search is rendered very narrowly.
Pie Chart(error)Nothing is rendered.
Popular Labels(tick)
Privacy Mark(error)Image is not rendered, image missing placeholder instead.
Profile Pictures(tick)
Recently Update(tick)
Registered Trademark(minus)(R) is very small.
Related Labels(tick)
Roadmap Planner(tick)
Search Results(tick)
Section(minus)Works rudimentarily, but using Sections and Columns inside Tabs is not recommended.
Space Details(minus)Works but doesn't display the space logo.
Spaces List(minus)Works but can't display icons.
Table of Contents(error)Nothing is displayed.
Task report(tick)
Team Calendar(error)Not loading
Trello Board(error)
Trello Card(error)
Metadata for Confluence Cloud Macros by Toros(minus)Height is wrong. Pagination does not work.
Widget Connector(minus)Depends on the widget. Twitter and Youtube are displayed ok.

Work in progress. This table will be updated regularly, as changes are implemented continuously in Confluence Cloud. If you run into issues using a third party macro do not hesitate to contact us via the bitvoodoo Support Portal.

ProblemDescription of LimitationOriginal PageIn Childtabs
Styling issues
  • The page content is not rendered with the correct font in Childtabs and Labeltabs. 
  • Panels are displayed differently (icon, font, background colour)

Navitabs - Tabs for Confluence Cloud NTCLOUD