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If you have Navitabs - Tabs for Confluence Cloud and Macro Toolbox by Good Software enabled on your Confluence you might get following Java message:

Java message
Java.lang.IllegalStateException: Duplicate key LazyLoadedMacroDecorator{name=com.atlassian.plugins.atlassian-connect-plugin:wiki_ch.bitvoodoo.confluence.plugin.navitabs_com-addonengine-macrotoolboxforcloud-macros-tabs-control}


Good Software (the supplier of Macro Toolbox) is now a part of Atlassian and so Macro Toolbox was discontinued. Updates and support for Macro Toolbox will not be provided by Good Software in the future. Therefore we worked together to enable an easy switch to Navitabs. Together we created new modules to ensure this compatibility and these have the same key as the modules from Macro Toolbox which generates this java message. 


To solve this problem you have to disable Macro Toolbox in the settings under "manage apps".  As Macro Toolbox is not supported anymore, we recommend and Good Software a change to other suppliers. As Navitabs offers only the tab functionality you can use following apps to cover other features of Macro Toolbox:

Macro featuresAlternative
TabsNavitabs - Tabs for Confluence Cloud
HTML macroHTML Macro for Confluence Cloud
Heading and list ExpandCurrently no alternative available