The Viewtracker Supplier Add-on provides supplier support for advanced reporting with the ServiceRocket Reporting add-on. This is an optional feature of the Viewtracker add-on. If you’ve installed the ServiceRocket Reporting add-on as well, you can use this feature to generate reports that utilize data from the Viewtracker macro. All other features of the Viewtracker add-on do not require the Reporting add-on to be installed.

Please note:

  • Please be aware that the Reporting add-on is not free.
  • The Reporting add-on is made by ServiceRocket. bitvoodoo will not be able to support you with questions regarding the Reporting add-on. Please visit the ServiceRocket support instead.
  • The features described below require the Reporting Plugin (min. Version 6.0) and the Viewtracker (min. Version 4.0)
  • Earlier Versions of the Viewtracker (≤ Version 3.2.2) include a supplier for the Reporting add-on - please see the documentation here: Viewtracker Supplier (Version ≤ 3.2.2)

Viewtracker Supplier


NameViewtracker Supplier
Prefixviewtracker (required)
Supported contentPages, Blog Posts, Spaces, Users
Provided byViewtracker Plugin from version 1.1.0

Keys Supported

KeyContent TypesReturn TypeDescription
allAnyList  of ViewsReturns the list of all views.
totalviewsAnyTextReturns the total number of views.
totalusersAnyTextReturns the total number of users.
allusersAnyTextAll users: can be rendered afterwards


View Supplier


NameView Supplier
Prefixview (optional)
Supported contentTracked Views
Provided byViewtracker Plugin from version 1.1.0

Keys Supported

KeyContent TypesReturn TypeDescription
usernameTracked ViewTextReturns the username.
viewdateTracked ViewDateReturns the date of the last view.
viewcountTracked ViewNumberReturns the total number of views by this user.


Create a report of all pages in a space and display the name of the page, total views, total users and a list of all users:

{report-column:title=Total Views}{report-info:viewtracker:totalviews}{report-column}
{report-column:title=Total Users}{report-info:viewtracker:totalusers}{report-column}
{report-column:title=Users List}{report-info:viewtracker:allusers|render=wiki}{report-column}


In this example the page "Knowledge" does not contain the viewtracker plugin.

Advanced Examples

Show the last 5 pageviews of all children:

Reporting Plugin 4.x or higher

  {report-column:title=Date}{report-info:expanded:view > viewdate}{report-column}
  {report-column:title=User}{report-info:expanded:view > username|link=true}{report-column}
  {report-empty}_No views tracked._{report-empty}




Show all pageviews of all spaces (except pageviews by user "admin") since 1 Oct 2010 grouped by user:

Reporting Plugin 4.x or higher
{grouping-reporter:expanded:view > username|as=User}
  {grouping-stats:expanded:view > viewdate|as=Viewdate}

{report-column:title=Last View}{report-info:grouped:Viewdate > stats:max value}{report-column}
{report-column:title=Pages Viewed}{report-on:@items}{report-info:item|link=true}{report-on}{report-column}

{report-empty}_No views tracked._{report-empty}




Please note that views of a page are only tracked if the viewtracker macro is on that page.

Compatibility Matrix

Viewtracker Add-onReporting Add-onConfluenceViewtracker Supplier Add-onNote
4.0≥ 6.0≥ 5.4≥ 1.0 
3.2.2< 6.0< 5.9.4-see: Viewtracker Supplier (Version ≤ 3.2.2)
3.2.2≤ 5.6≤ 5.3-see: Viewtracker Supplier (Version ≤ 3.2.2)


Viewtracker will guide you through the installation of additionally needed dependencies. These are:

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