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With the Language plugin you can have the same content in different languages on the same Confluence page. The user sees content only in the language which is set in the user settings. If no macro exists for the preferred language of the user, the plugin checks if there is a macro for the confluence default language to display. Additionally, the page title can be set according to the users language settings using the {pagetitle} macro.

Language Macros

Use the language macros to write content in the languages supported by Confluence:

  • {english}
  • {german}
  • {french}

The following macros can be used as well if the corresponding language packs are installed in Confluence:

  • {belarusian}
  • {bulgarian}
  • {catalan}
  • {chinese}
  • {czech}
  • {danish}
  • {dutch}
  • {estonian}
  • {finnish}
  • {greek}
  • {hindi}
  • {hungarian}
  • {icelandic}
  • {indonesian}
  • {italian}
  • {japanese}
  • {korean}
  • {latvian}
  • {lithuanian}
  • {norwegian}
  • {polish}
  • {portuguese}
  • {romanian}
  • {russian}
  • {serbian}
  • {slovak}
  • {spanish}
  • {swedish}
  • {thai}
  • {turkish}
  • {ukrainian}
  • {vietnamese}


The language macros have no parameters.


Show content according to the language a user has set in the user settings:


Pagetitle Macro



NameDescriptionTypeThis is a required fieldDefaultValues
New Pagetitle
The new pagetitle you want to displaystring


Include the {pagetitle} macro inside the language macros to set the title of the page:


 Where can I set my preffered language in Confluence?

Set your preferred language in the user settings:

 Is the "Automatically detect browser setting" supported?

Yes, if the user didn't set a preferred language, the plugin tries to use the browser's language or otherwise uses the Confluence default language. (Confluence 3.5 or higher) 

 The pagetitle macro changes only the title next to the page title logo. The title is not changed in the bread crumbs, the browser window title bar, in the pagetree macro, the children macro and in exports. Is this a bug? And are you going to fix this?

The pagetitle macro replaces the page title only on the actual page in the browser when that page is loaded. Due to technical limitations, the macro won't change the title in any other place except the page header. 

 Can language macros be used outside of a page?

The language macros have a fallback feature, to fallback to the default language of Confluence if there is no macro on the page matching the language of the current user. For that to work the macros need to be placed inside the page content. Sadly, there is no way to do that properly outside of a page context, which means the macros won't work outside of a page.