if you encounter an issue with the ViewTracker, please update at first your add-on to the latest version.

Execute the following (MySQL) statement on your confluence database - this will reset the migration job, and all the migrated data to it's pre-update state and allow you to re-run it manually

  1. Reset the migration job status so it can be run again

    DELETE FROM BANDANA WHERE BANDANAKEY='ch.bitvoodoo.confluence.plugins.viewtracker.visits_migration.status';
  2.  Remove the 'upgraded' marker for all pages

    DELETE FROM OS_PROPERTYENTRY where entity_key = 'ch.bitvoodoo.confluence.plugins.ViewTrackerMacro.upgraded';


  3. Delete all visits from the new table

  4. Go to the cache statistics administration page (/admin/cache/showStatistics.action) and flush all caches with the button at the bottom of the page
  5.  Go to the Viewtracker plugin configuration page (/admin/plugins/viewtracker/configure.action) - you should now see a warning in the Legacy Data Migration section 
  6.  Restart the migration job by clicking on the Start Migration button

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