Display the occasions of your Confluence users.


NameDescriptionTypeThis is a required fieldDefaultValues
Select one or more events to be displayedstring
Show position
Show position which is stored in the users profile.booleantrue
Show event
Show event name and date.booleantrue
Hide number of repetitions
Hide the calculated value of repetitions (e.g. age for the occasion birthday).booleanfalse
Event history
How many days should an entry be shown in this list?int7
Days before
How many days before the occasion should the event be displayed in the list.int7
Max entries
Maximum number of entries to be displayed.int5
Remind to edit own occasions
Remind users to add a date for all of their occasions.booleantrue
Image size
Define the height and width of the profile images in px.Example: 48 int80
Define the width of the macro in pixel. Example: 350 int350

Profile configuration

To display your own occasions within Congrats macro and give your team the chance to celebrate with you, you have to enter the appropriate dates in your profile.

  • Go to your profile picture and select My Occasions

  • All occasions which are defined by the administration interface will be listed here. Click on edit and provide your appropriate dates in the format yyyy-mm-dd.

Congrats and notifications

To congratulate someone listed in the Congrats macro, just use the button Congratulate and compose your message.

Pressing the send button provokes that:

  • Instead of the Congratulate button a message will be displayed that you've already sent congrats to this user for this occasion.
  • The user you've sent your congratulations to will receive your message.

There are two ways users can receive congratulations:

  • via workbox
  • via email

Workbox notifications

Users will get a new entry within the workbox showing the message, the occasion, the user who's sent congratulations and the time when they were sent.

Email notifications

Users will be notified about the congratulations of other users by email, too, but only if Confluence is configured to be able to send out mails (configuring outgoing mail). You cannot reply to that mail. It provides you the message, the sender and a link to your Confluence instance.


  • Congrats showing all occasions of the next and the previous 7 days. The user's position as well as event name and date are configured to be displayed in the macro.

  • The user John Doe hasn't entered a date for his birthday, yet.

  • If there are no current occasions a message will be displayed accordingly.



 How can workbox notifications be turned off?
  • Go to  → General configuration → In-app notifications
  • Choose does not provide in-app notifications
 I get workbox notifications but no email. Did I miss to configure sending of emails?

Please check if your Outgoing mail server is configured correctly:

  • Go to → General configuration → Mail servers
  • Check if there is a configured mail server at all
  • Send a test mail to check whether mails are sent correctly



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