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The following article describes the use of the Enterprise Theme in combination with the Seibert Navigation Menu Editor.

Disabling the default navigation

Disable the navigation in the header in the Menu Editor (.../admin/plugins/menu-editor/menusettings.action)

Change the global header section

Edit the Global section Remove the "Metamenu" and "Create Content" Macro from the global header section and add the Seibert "menu items" macro.  (.../admin/plugins/sections/configuresections.action)


You may want to change the styling of the menu by adding definitions to the Global Stylesheet. (.../admin/viewstylesheet.action)

Remove borders and make the menu transparent

#header .menu-editor-navigation {
	background-color: transparent;

Change the text color

#header .menu-editor-navigation ul li a {			
	color: black;


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Enterprise Theme for Confluence BVTHEME