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Enterprise Theme for Confluence BVTHEME
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Release Notes

Check the Release Notes for a better understanding of the features.

Upgrade tips

Backup the Enterprise Theme Settings

  • Before upgrading, make sure to save your Enterprise Theme specific configurations. Follow this article: Import/Export Theme Configuration.
  • If you have changed the CSS definitions yourself, don't forget to save these settings as well

Designs by bitvoodoo

You have two ways to upgrade your system with a custom bitvoodoo design:

New Design based on the Bernina Design

Keep your existing design

Please contact us to discuss what changes you would like to incorporate into your new design. We will then create a new Design for you that can be installed in your upgraded environment.The new release has been tested with various designs. Just contact us and ask us if your design is compatible or not (smile)


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Enterprise Theme for Confluence BVTHEME