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 With great pleasure, we announce the release 5.1.0 of the bitvoodoo Enterprise Theme.

Improved Top Stories Slider

With this release we offer you the possibility to select how you like to present your top news! (smile) 

Now you can choose between two display options: Image and text or just a big image with the title of the blog post.  




full-image-slider NEW

Read more about the Top Stories Slider.

New Teaser Box Macro

With the brand new TeaserBox Macro you are able to create amazing News Boxes. If you prefer background color instead of a thumbnail - no problem the macro supports both. All parameters you already now from our other News macros are available! 


News Boxes{teaser-box}
Display boxes of the most recent blog posts and/or pages.


NameDescriptionTypeThis is a required fieldDefaultValues
Content source
enumblogblog, page, pageblog
Height of the teaser image
The height of the displayed teaser image. (In px, example: 150).int150
Restrict to these labels (OR)
Separate each label with a comma.string
Must have labels (AND)
A list of labels, that a result must have. Separate each label with a comma.string
Exclude these labels (NOT)
Separate each label with a comma.string
Restrict to these authors
Separate each author with a comma or use placeholder like @self, @network, @follower, @following..string
Restrict to these spaces
These are case-sensitive. Separate each item with a comma or single space. Example: SPACEKEY, @favorite, @personal, @all. If not specified, the current space is searched.spacekey
Maximum Number of blog posts/pages
The maximum number of resultsint3
Sort by
enum title, creation, modified
Reverse sort
Thumbnail - image label
The macro searches for an attachment with the defined label(s) and uses it as thumbnail in the listing.string
Use another image as fallback
If no image with the correct label could be found, you can define a fallback to use another image as thumbnail.enumfirstAttachmentnoFallback, firstAttachment, spaceLogo, spaceLogoIfCustom, firstAttachmentOrspaceLogoIfCustom
Color of teaser box if no image can be displayed. Default color is the highlight color of the Enterprise Theme.string
Additional Lucene Query
This is a very advanced and powerfull parameter, which you can use for additional content selection by lucene.
This paramter supports the Metadata Add-on and the User Profile Add-on by Communardo. Please find more information and examples in our documentation.


Updates and fixes in this release

T Key Summary P Status

Upgrade Notes

Before you upgrade, we recommend creating a backup of your theme configurations. If necessary, this export can be imported again after upgrading.

Please read the Upgrade Notes 6.0 if you are upgrading from a previous version to the Version 6.x.


Download and install the Enterprise Theme App from the Atlassian Marketplace or through the Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager.



Enterprise Theme for Confluence BVTHEME