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 With great pleasure, we announce release 4.2.0 of the bitvoodoo Enterprise Theme.


The theme goes to 100% mobile

With this release, all of our Enterprise Theme Macros are now compatible with the Confluence mobile mode.

Some examples to give you an impression: 

and more... 

All of our macros have been improved.

  • Every macro is now compatible with other third-party themes!
  • We added a lot of new parameters and make them more compliant (for example: all parameters of the Attachments macro now work in every display mode (smile) )

Resize your sidebar

With the new version, you are able to resize the sidebar via drag and drop. There is a new keyboard shortcut (ALT + t) to hide or show the sidebar.

Improved Personal Space

Say goodbye to the old right sidebar in the Personal Space and say hello to the new Space Info Block macro. 

So far, the right sidebar limited the content space considerably. That's why we removed from its original position.

After upgrading to the latest Enterprise Theme version, the default sidebar remains unchanged. The old definition will be replaced with our new Space Info Block macro.

This macro displays all important information about the owner of the space, and not only the user logo as in the past.

New Personal Space

Old Personal Space  


Improved Getting Started 

With one click you are able install a sample header and footer for demos and for new users to understand, how this functionality is working. How you can do this? Just go to the dashboard and accept the offer to create a menu. If you refuse this, you will never be asked again.

It is also possible to create a demo menu at a later stage - visit the Menu administration and click the button:


Updates and fixes in this release

Next to all these new changes, we fixed various bugs and added a numerous improvements behind the scene.

T Key Summary P Status

Upgrade Notes

Before you upgrade, we recommend to create a backup of your theme configurations. If necessary this export can be imported again after upgrading.

Please read the Upgrade Notes 6.0 if you are upgrading from a previous version to the Version 6.x.


Download and install the Enterprise Theme App from the Atlassian Marketplace or through the Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager.


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Enterprise Theme for Confluence BVTHEME