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Menu Editor

The Enterprise Theme menu editor has been redesigned completely.

Improved overview

The new editor provides an overview of the different menu structures in all the system languages.

Grouping of Menu Items and Permissions

Menu entries can be grouped together and it is now also possible to use permissions on the menu items to restrict which users can see it.

Improved Dashboard Editor

The dashboard editor has been re-engineered as well.

Change the order of the dashboards tabs on the Confluence dashboard by simply using drag-and-drop. It is now also possible to hide a dashboard tab form the dashboard. Therefore the standard Confluence dashboard tab can be easily hidden.

For each dashboard you can change several settings. It is also possible to change the name of the default Confluence dashboard.


Updates and fixes in this release

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Download and install the Enterprise Theme App from the Atlassian Marketplace or through the Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager.


Enterprise Theme for Confluence BVTHEME