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There is no content with the specified labels


Label Fixer makes it possible again to create content including a label, by specifying a label parameter in the URI.

How-to create content with labels predefined in the URL

Create content with labels specified in the URL. This can be useful for example if you give content creators a predefined link to create specific content.

  1. Create content by pasting following URL in your browser's address bar. Replace with your Confluence base url, wanted Space and labels.

    blog post
    <base-url>/pages/createblogpost.action?spaceKey=<space-key>&labelsString=<label 1>,<label 2>,<label...>
    <base-url>/pages/createpage.action?spaceKey=<space-key>&labelsString=<label 1>,<label 2>,<label...>


  2. Press enter.
  3. The editor opens, the labels specified in the URL are set.



Please note Label Fixer for Confluence Server is not a supported app.

→ bitvoodoo Support Portal  
→ Public Issue Tracker

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