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The Registration app is used to register all free bitvoodoo ag apps. Keeping the app installed and enabled is essential in maintaining access to these bitvoodoo ag apps.
To ease the registration each free bitvoodoo ag app comes already bundled with the Registration app.

How to register your app

  1. When using one of the free apps you'll get a warning if you haven't registered yet:
  2. Follow the link "one-click registration" and you'll get an overview about your instance and your user:

  3. Click the button "Free registration" at the bottom of the page.
  4.  Done, that's it! 

 Now, all your bitvoodoo free apps are registered. Also if you install another free app by bitvoodoo it is already registered automatically.

Manual registration

Registration requires that your Confluence instance or your server hosting Confluence respectively have internet access. If that's not possible in your environment, bitvoodoo support can register your app manually.
Simply open a ticket via the button under this paragraph. Include a screenshot of the instance overview page (see How to register your app - Step 2) or supply all the data displayed as text.

Open a bitvoodoo registration ticket