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bitvoodoo Registration for Confluence BVBRA
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Update in spring 2020: If you are using the latest version of our free bitvoodoo apps, the Registration app is no longer necessary. In fact, it has now been removed from the Atlassian Marketplace.

The Registration app was used to register the free bitvoodoo apps.

To ease the registration, each free bitvoodoo app was bundled with the Registration app.

Here's our complete list of free bitvoodoo apps:

Congrats for Confluence

Display special occasions of your Confluence users.

Label Scheduler for Confluence

Schedule labels for pages, blogposts and attachments. Configure when the label should be attached or removed.

Macro Documentation for Confluence

Generate the documentation of plugin macros automatically.

SBB Widgets for Confluence

Look up SBB CFF FFS timetables and stationboards from within Confluence.

bitvoodoo Registration for Confluence BVBRA